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Started in my home with leftover Jalapeno peppers from my garden, I began making jalapeno jellies for family & friends during the holidays.
In subsequent years I began adding different fruits to my recipes and at the urging of my family & friends began producing my jellies to sell at the Bonners Ferry Farmers Market in 2008. My Garden in 2010
In 2010 I decided to take my jelly-making expertise to the next level … retail sales!  I am now a licensed processor with the Panhandle Health District and produced my first batch at the Bonner Business Center Commercial Kitchen December 8th, 2010.
With the help of my mom and a few other friends & family I am now producing small batches of 70 jars each in Sandpoint, Idaho at the Bonner Business Center. I can produce new batches of jelly in my top-selling flavors quickly so my customers will never have a delay when ordering their favorites.  I appreciate any comments or suggestions from current or future customers regarding new flavors or this website. 
Derek Blumenschein